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Availability: Available

Education: High School or GED

About Devon Johnson

Over eight years of management experience in sales, learning & development and customer service. Revamped retail stores by implementing process changes, restructuring the work environment, improved the customer experience, and implemented a sales program. Composed a strategic sales plan to increase items sold per transaction. As a Call Center expatriate, restructured workforce, met acquisition targets, implemented processes to improve efficiencies and implemented an effective sales program.

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To obtain a position with an organization, where my skills and experience can contribute to the growth and productivity of the company.


: Bullard High School, ()
• Bullard High School 2004 • Time Management • Leadership Development • Communication Styles Learning

Work Experience

Customer Account Executive, Comcast Corporation
1/2008 - 1/2012
Comcast Corporation Morgan Hill, California Customer Account Executive 2008 to 2012 Responsible for upholding the company's integrity and maintaining market share in a competitive environment by reinforcing value of products and services. Implemented value selling strategies focused on creating positive customer to corporation relationships. Responsible for managing a robust training program that helped call center personnel achieve targets and provided the product knowledge to handle customer interactions. Effectively implemented quarterly sweep plans across the organization to improve market share throughout target markets. • Perform customer disconnect trend analysis and worked with marketing to expose competitive threats. • Implemented value strategies that exposed product value and retained customer accounts • Benchmarked customer service expectations by working closely with marketing and front line personal to create best practices • Reduced operating costs by implementing call handling strategies that improve average handle time and increased availability. • Reviewed kPI's and developed strategies to help front line personnel achieve customer loyalty targets. • Used Avaya and CMS systems to increase operating efficiency and held the front line accountable to expectation • Performed quality control functions measuring customer service interactions and exposing sales opportunities • Audited work orders for accuracy to improve the overall customer experience. • Developed, online learning modules for sales, customer service and support. • Restructured and maintained new hire training program. • Created functional job aides to improve employee knowledge base. • Project managed customer retention and customer loyalty training. • Worked interdepartmentally to resolve both employee and customer escalations. Puma Gilroy, California

, MAC Cosmetics
1/2006 - 1/2008
MAC Cosmetics San Jose, California Make-Up Professional 2006 to 2008 Worked with a team of 12 Artist to drive sales and increase productivity. Expanding product knowledge and fluid sales techniques amongst the work field drove the competitive edge that made MAC Cosmetics number 1 in the make-up art industry. • Responsible for conducting and promoting a sales environment for artists. • Motivate employees to maximize sales of new and existing company products. • Created daily sales goals aimed at increasing company profitability. • Developed employee artistry skills by teaching make up techniques and sales. • Managed counter appointments to fit business needs and provided a positive customer experience. • Managed and scheduled special events • Dealt with cash handling and POS systems. • Documented sales and inventory. • Recruited, hired, and trained new employees.

Sales Manager,
1/2005 - 1/2008
Sales Manager 2005 to 2008 Directed a group of 25 sales representatives responsible for sales and merchandising. Led a sales team to over drive targets and became number one in the region in sales performance. Managed a team of 25 sales representatives to exceed customer satisfaction target and surpassing sales goal by 200%. Created a positive work environment and implementing a strong sales culture amongst employees. • Responsible for providing comprehensive product training, aligned with the company's vision, values, goals and strategies. • Supply change management • Created and facilitated meetings to direct employees as well as retrieve feedback for business efficiency. • Managed basic operating procedures which included, making the weekly schedule, daily productivity agenda, auditing transactions, point of sell units, and inventory via Excel, Word, Outlook, etc. • Documented change in inventory to drive multi-unit sales • Maintained daily and weekly sales summary's/reports. Directed members on tasks, time management, and completion. • Completed weekly payroll. • Re-merchandised the store to promote sales. • Recruited and trained new employees. • QC'd sales orders and daily activity logs for accuracy to ensure revenue objective were met. • Worked with employees in the field to improve sales and productivity and solicited feedback to improve sales to contact ratios. • Administered appropriate corrective disciplinary actions and supporting documentation to address employee performance and/or behavioral issues. • Increased sales performance by launching sales training modules focused on building rapport, identifying buying signals and positioning. • Reviewed kPI's and created strategies that helped front line personal achieve targets.

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Natalie Asselin - Palo Alto, CA
03-12- 8:30 am - 8:45 am
Scheduled by: John Shah

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Kimberly Smith - Seattle, WA
Scheduled by: John Shah


David Lee - Menlo Park, CA
Scheduled by: John Shah


Monica Chu - Fremont, CA
Scheduled by: John Shah


Mike Jones - Fenton, MI
Scheduled by: John Shah

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Devon Johnson - San Jose, CA
Scheduled by: John Shah

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